At CWS, all of our projects feature an accesibility component. The ADA requires that all new construction of places of public accommodation, as well as “commercial facilities” such as office buildings, be accessible.

Commercial Construction

We oversee the construction of projects in the private sector.

Tenant Improvements

We work with building owners to customize alterations for their tenants.

Seismic Retrofitting

We modify existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity.


We upgrade facilities to improve functionality and style.


We can expand your space.

New Construction

We are experienced in ADA requirements, and will ensure your building projects will fulfill all of them.

CWS Construction Group Guarantee

Meeting Schedules

We work with a sense of urgency to get projects completed, and work toward fast paced solutions for all projects.

 Budgetary Restrictions

Our years of experience and attention to detail allow us to make accurate estimates.

 Project Requirements

Our force is dedicated to teamwork and attention to detail, ensuring your project is thoroughly completed.